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Li Dongda

Gender: Male
E-mail: 18310682633@163.com
Website: https://dongdongbh.tech

Research Interests

Robotic Control and Navigation, Reinforcement learning


School of Automation and Information Engineering
Xi’an University of Technology                               09/2011-06/2015
B.S., major in Automation
Advisor: Yingming YI
Specialized courses__ included automatic control theory, signal and system analysis, motion control technology, computer control technology, sensor technology, C++ language, embedded system, circuit theory, etc.

Research Experience

Research Assistant                   03/2019-Present

Cyberspace Institute of Advanced Technology
Guangzhou University
Supervisors: Zhaoquan Gu
Research Area: Reinforcement learning, Neural Combinatorial Optimization, Meta-learning

Research Assistant                   10/2018-01/2019

Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Supervisors: Chengzhong Xu
Research Area: Reinforcement learning, Neural Combinatorial Optimization

Research Assistant                   08/2017-05/2018

The Department of Compute Science
The University of HongKong
Supervisors: Francis C.M. Lau, Yuexuan Wang and Heming Cui
Research Area: Robotic Network, Wireless Sensor Network, Internet of Things

Research Assistant                   07/2016-07/2017

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Autonomous Control Institute
Beijing Institute of Technology
Supervisor: Defu Lin
Research Area: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Control System, Navigation System, Data Fusion


  • Dongda Li, Zhaoquan Gu, Yuexuan Wang, Changwei Ren, and Francis C.M. Lau. One model packs thousands of items with recurrent conditional query learning. Knowledge-Based Systems, 235:107683, 2022. ISSN 0950-7051.
  • Zhaoquan, Gu, Dongda Li, Nadra Guizani, Xiaojiang Du, and Zhihong Tian. “An Aerial-Computing-Assisted Architecture for Large-Scale Sensor Networks.” IEEE Wireless Communications 28, no. 5 (2021): 43-49.
  • Dongda Li, Yuexuan Wang, Zhaoquan Gu, Tong Shen, Tianhao Wei, Yongqin Fu, Heming Cui, Mingli Song, Francis C. M. Lau. Adler: A Resilient, High-Performance and Energy-Efficient UAV-Enabled Sensor System. TR-2018-01
  • Tong Shen, Yuexuan Wang, Zhaoquan Gu, Dongda Li, Zhen Cao, Heming Cui, Francis C.M. Lau. Alano: An Efficient Neighbor Discovery Algorithm In An Energy-Restricted Large-Scale Network. IEEE International Conference on Mobile Ad-hoc and Sensor Systems. 2018

Research Projects:

  • Research on Collaborative Analysis and Autonomous Decision Technology for Intelligent Manufacturing Big Data. National Key R&D Program of China (No.2018YFB1004003).                              05/2018-04/2021
  • Software Defined Wireless Sensor Network System                  12/2017-03/2018
  • UAV-Enabled Sensor System                             08/2017-11/2017
  • MBZIRC-2017 International Robotic Competition                    01/2017-03/2017
  • Autonomous takeoff and landing of the intelligent quadrotor(Thesis)          12/2014-06/2015
  • Visual tracking gimbal system design                         08/2014-11/2014
  • Simulated Flight Control System Based on SINS                    08/2013-12/2013
  • Two-wheel self-balancing vehicle                           11/2012-06/2013
  • AVR-based multi-function smart vehicle                        08/2012-11/2012

Professional skills

  • Familiar with statistic learning theory and practice;
  • Familiar with the principle of inertial navigation, integrated navigation algorithm and application;
  • Familiar with Robot operating system(ROS) programming and application;
  • Master the C / C + +/Python language, data structure, with good code preparation habits;
  • Master the Linux system programming;
  • Familiar with GIT and Academic Writing;

Language skills

  • Chinese: Native language
  • English: IELTS 7.0


  • Champion MBZIRC 2017.                                 03/2017
  • Grand Prize The eighth Shaanxi province outstanding graduation design            06/2015
  • Second Prize Xi’an University of Technology, 2014 Emerson “CONSIDER IT SOLVED”       08/2014
  • Outstanding Officer of Automation Technology Association, Xi’an University of Technology     05/2013
  • First Prize The 21st session of the “ Innovation Prix” science and technology competition     11/2012


Reading, body building, swimming, cooking