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condition: you have a Intranet machine(mabe the machine is in your company), and it do not have a pubic IP, and you want to visit your machine at your home or anywhere can connect Internet. Or you may want to host your website on your local machine.

requirements: you need have a server with a public IP.


There are many tools to do that, e.g. frp, ngrok, nps, Zerotier. Here, we use a open source named frp, your can choose the version of your operate system and download it from Github repo.

and we just describe the bash ssh function, more functions you can refer frp Readme file

SSH Usage

Put frps and frps.ini to your server with public IP.

Put frpc and frpc.ini to your server in LAN.

Access your computer in LAN by SSH

  1. Modify frps.ini:
# frps.ini
bind_port = 7000
  1. Start frps on background:
nohup ./frps -c ./frps.ini > /dev/null 2>&1 &
  1. Modify frpc.ini, server_addr is your frps’s server IP:
# frpc.ini
server_addr = x.x.x.x
server_port = 7000

type = tcp
local_ip =
local_port = 22
remote_port = 6000
  1. Start frpc:
./frpc -c ./frpc.ini
  1. Connect to server in LAN by ssh assuming that username is test:
ssh -oPort=6000 test@x.x.x.x


  • you must open your port used in frs( eg. 7000,6000) on your server, usually it is on the setting of firewall rules.
  • Every client need one remote_port to map.

and if you want to visit Jupyter notebook and tensorboard, you only need to add a new port to frpc, and then visit https://x.x.x.x:port

ssh on your mobile phone

here we just describe the method on IOS. we use a software named Termius, the basic ssh function of it is free.

  1. open the Termius
  2. Hosts—>add new—->input you remote ip, ssh username, password and save it
  3. just connect the host

if you’d like to use ssh on Termius,

  1. open the Termius
  2. Keychain—>add key(or use existed one)
  3. edit it and copy the public key
  4. append the Termius public key to your server’s ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file
  5. on Termius, edit your host and add the key your created in Keychain ,and then save it
  6. connect server and enjoy it!